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Flirting or being nice?

There's this girl I'm sort of friends with. We talk off and on, but she's in school and living pretty far away so we don't get together a lot. We talk about really deep stuff usually, about confused gender identity/sexuality, guilt about stupid decisions, etc. She's gay. Now, I'm really undecided, but I sort of have a crush on her. A few months ago, she came over to my house. We were just talking about stupid things we did when we were in high school; she showed me some photos of her when she was younger with longer hair (more feminine, as she calls it). I decided to take this opportunity and shoot my shot; I said something like "no homo, but you stayed hot" (she was trying to say when she wasn't as pretty/hot now as she was). It didn't seem like she completely rejected my compliment, maybe she thought I was just joking. Since, there's been a couple of 'complimenting' or 'flirting' going back and forth between us; I'm not sure which you want to call it. She usually replies to my SC/IG stories with something nice. Like, today, I posted a mirror selfie in an outfit for an interview. She replied "Still looks damn good tho". Another time was when I posted a selfie when I cut my own bangs saying something about being emo and she said something like "we stan the emo bangs" with a heart eyes emoji. I know I'm overthinking this, but I really can't tell if she's flirting with me or just being nice and complimenting me. What do you, strangers of the internet think?
Flirting or being nice?
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