How do I get my boyfriend to touch me more?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now, and he's really sweet. but the most we EVER do is a quick kiss at the end of the date. and I want him to do more. not like, a lot. but maybe put his arms around me, hold my hand, maybe make out a little. we are alone ALL the time, and he Doesn't touch me at all. and its not like he Doesn't seem interested, he talks and we laugh and flirt, there's just no touching. and its not like he's never been far with a girl before, he has. but he's just... not touching me and its really frustrating me. he's more of a rugged, "manly" kind of guy who isn't romantic, and that part Doesn't bother me. but he's still a guy. how can I get him to touch me?


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  • tell him to.

    • wont that make him think I'm like, clingy or something?

    • it wouldn't make me think you are, but I'm a reasonable person.

  • He possibly just doesn't know he could.


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