What do guys think during/after a one night stand?

OK, so this weekend I had a one night stand with this guy who lives in my dorm building. it was super random and just kinda happened. I was really drunk, and he was sober. I know this because we talked about our nights before we got down to business when I was with him and my friends. anyways, he's super hot, and I've been told I'm pretty attractive, and guys hit on me a lot, but anyways, I was just wondering what was going through his mind during/after? he left his boxers in my room too, I noticed when I woke up the next morning

thanks guys


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  • why doesn't this stuff happen to me?.. I'm told I'm hot but I've never had a one night stand... kinda depressing.. but then again I've never really put myself in a situation to have one

    • lol, honestly, it just kinda happened. like, I had never talked to the guy before in my life. we had always just kinda stared at each other whenever we'd see each other. and actually, he initiated it when he came back to my room 10 min after my friend kicked him out hahaha.

      but idk, I mean I feel like that type of situation is super in the moment, unless you're the type of guy that goes out and looks for it lol but I think its better when its totally spur of the moment and hot chemistry lol

    • i don't know I've always had this fear in the back of my mind if I did anything like that the girl would call the police and I would end up having to register as a sexual offender or something lol.. friends with benefits is ideal for guys so I'm sure he'd be up for it.. especially if he was the one to initiate it.. talk to him about it.. if he says no send me a message.. jk :P... unless you wanna.. jokes I'm outta here!

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  • During: (there is no word to describe this level of happiness)

    After: Well that was f'ing awesome, she was a good piece of meet, I'd do her again. I just hope she doesn't get all emotional about it, because easy girls are not serious relationship material.

    If you like playing the odds, I would say this is true 98% of the time...


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  • It all depends on the kind of guy he is.

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