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What kind of game is this guy playing?

I matched on Tinder with an ex coworker of mine few weeks ago. We're weren't close back then because we worked in different departments, but we've known each other.
Anyway, we chatted for few hours on Tinder after we matched and it seemed to go pretty good. I straight on asked him out right there and then (because I don't like endless texting) but he told me he has some kind of surgery the day after and that he will let me know when he recovers then we can go. And he also added that he recently got out of a relationship, to which I added that it's fine and that I'm also not really looking for anything serious at the moment. He agreed on that and we left it at "I'll let you know when I recover". We also started following each other on IG.
Except that the whole week went by and no words from him. I decide to text him and ask him if he recovered and he tells me that he didn't quite. He didn't seem interested so I let it go.
But last night I posted a story on IG of me drinking wine and chilling and liked it with a heart reaction. I was a bit drunk and dared asking him if he wants to join me, to which he only said that he is literally too lazy to get out of bed. I said okay and didn't want to continue texting.
Few minutes after that he went to my profile and liked around 10 pictures of me. Later in the night he added me on Facebook as well and liked my pictures and posts there as well.

I don't get it? Does he wanna hookup or not?
What kind of game is this guy playing?
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