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Does He Like Me? Crush Confusion?

In 7th grade I became friends with this boy and never had any feelings 4 him. Until a friend said he was cute which I disagreed to atm but I started paying a bit more attention to him & noticed that it seems like he likes me? (stares, teasing, smiles, body contact, talking, treating me diff, etc) I was in denial of my feelings for him at first but I soon gave in and now I find myself with a crush (maybe more) on him. Now, we’re in 8th grade and he’s in my classes again and he still acts like he likes me specifically. My friends were completely convinced he had strong feelings for me too. Until, the convo came up about who we like & he was guessing everyone in our class and then stopped and said “wait.. it better not be me” but he didn’t say it seriously and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so I boldly said “but it is” and then he was smiling but said he only saw me as a “friend” and I should consider this as a rejection. After that I ofc said it was a joke and I didn’t like him. But he said he liked a girl in 7th grade, still does that was in our class and gave me hints with the # of letters in their name and the only people who matched up w that was me and this other popular taken girl who he knows nothing about. I guessed her and he said it was but doesn’t know why he likes her. .-. Anyway, this was surprising bc prior to that, his bff was telling me he likes me and “has feelings for me” but he said it was a joke but it also wasn’t? And after that guessing game mishap, a few days later his bff gets the chance to talk to me alone. And he took that whole time telling me more about my crush & giving me info I NEVER asked for + trying to like persuade me to like him and date him in a way. “Imagine if you were together” “give him a chance” are some quotes from that convo. It was confusing af because I never even brought him up, he did. (THE REST OF THE TEXT IS IN THE PHOTO SORRY I TALK TOO MUCH SO IT’S SO LONG LOL)
Does He Like Me? Crush Confusion?
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Does He Like Me? Crush Confusion?
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