Why would a party guy like a good girl?

So I am a fairly sweet and modest girl. I like to go out with friends, dinner, few drinks, hang out at chill bars, and consider that fun. I dress stylishly but not provacative. Typical outfit would be skinny jeans and a form fitting shirt or sweater. So fitted to show my athetic, in shape figure, but not revealing of cleavage.

My crush is a good guy, likes to party, go out drinking and to clubs. He sometimes talks about drinking a lot and staying out late, doesn't mention anything else he does tho.

He seems to like me, but I am not sure why.

I would think he'd be more attracted to a more proactively dressed girl that likes to party.

Can a party guy like a nice, modest (yet still fun), girl?

I should add that when we talk, the conversations are fun and positive, lots of eye contact and positive body language. Not ever outrageous flirting or sketchy though.
Why would a party guy like a good girl?
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