Is he interested or joking around?

I met this guy few weeks ago at my gym
he's a personal trainer at another gym
But he went to my gym since his friend trains at my gym and he just tagged along

Ever since we met, we been talking nearly everyday
He says good morning
So he's always the one initiating

So lately I've been posting videos of my baby nephew on my snapchat stories

And he would reply to them:

Him - aw cute, when are we having one?
Me - lol haha
Him - let me know so I can put it on my calender lol 😜 what age would u like a kid?
Me - after marriage
Him - and whens that?
Me - i dont know but before 30. What bout u?
Him - well im 27 so within 3 years. Before 30 as well lol

Then today I snapchatted my cousin's wedding
And he replied to them too:

Him - oh nice, can u picture your wedding like that?
Me - yeh i wouldn't mind marrying at a church
Him - am I invited?
Me - lol sure
Him - and where will i be standing?
Me - at the front lol
Him - across from you at the altar?
Me - haha lol
Him - maybe if i play my cards right, ill win u over and it can happen 😜 haha

Lol what the heck
Would a guy joke like this with a friend?
Is he interested more than a friend?
Just as a friend/just joking around
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Is he interested or joking around?
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