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Can a Leopardiss change her spots?

In the past when drunk she has flirted in front of me with other bar patrons - total black strangers to us both. In Twenty two years it has happened maybes 8-10 times and always when drunk. She and I have flirted online and I meta girl for lunch but nothing came of it nor did I pursue it or try again. It is my belief she started this online BS before me if that makes any difference. Slightly more than two years ago while really hammered she was caught by our son - then 15 - and my other son’s girlfriend kissing a really physically repulsive illegal immigrant outside a bar and about to go home with him. She swears up and down she was sorry and it would never be repeated. She still drinks but usually with me or my son or her girlfriend at the girl friend’s house. Question is how do I know by word or deed that she is not likely to repeat? What questions or actions will indicate such a determination from her.
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Can a Leopardiss change her spots?
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