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Should I text him again after this?

I had ONS with another tourist during my trip 2 weeks ago, right after he left my place at night he informed me he’s home and I ignored him, the next day he texted me again good morning and I told him it was nice to met him, he said the same and that he had fun, told him glad to know that. And ever since that he never texted me again.

The next midnight I texted him again but instead of replying he just posted a story and left my message on read. That’s kinda weird because he never posted anything before. So I feel like he did it in purpose? But why?

He still checks on my social media both instagram and snap. I kinda miss him and next week I’m visiting his city. Is it okay if i text him? Did he really not like me at all?
Should I text him again after this?
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