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Why is she often saying weird things? What do they mean? Are they positive or negative?

Lately I have been talking to this girl. We talk almost everyday and a couple of messages a day despite the fact that she has a very busy schedule (studying up to 14 hrs a day).

There is flirting here and there and lately we have both been more open to each other. At least that's how it looks like. I don't want to get too excited yet.

However sometimes she says some weird things. Example.

1. I sent her a picture of me attending a meeting (I am studying social work) which was about child abuse. So I jokingly told her I need to be good to my future kids and she replied with "If you have kids". So I asked her why would I not, with her replying "Well if you don't have a wife, you can always adopt though hahaha" so I said "And why would I not have a wife" and her saying "Just saying". Something that made no sense, even as a joke.

2. I sent her a picture of a meme saying "When she makes a joke about you vs when you make a joke about her", which LGshowed basically the girl laughing when she made a joke about him but her being mad when the boy joked about her. And I sent this saying "It reminds me of someone" (I meant her). So she said "I have a similar pic hahaha" and then sent me a similar one but with "boyfriend vs girlfriend" tag. Basically making it clear both in the pic were in a relationship. Like, why would she send a very similar pic that pretty much said the same? I sent her this meme cuz few days ago she got annoyed cuz of something I said as a joke by the way.

3. I told her lately I can't concentrate when I am at class and that I think constantly about other stuff whilst at college, so she replied with "Me too lol". So I asked her "What do you think about?" with her replying "Idk, cats". Again, such a weird, weird response that made no sense. Not even funny or even a joke to perceive it like that.

I know I overthink stuff a lot but some of her responses literally make no sense. Do you have any clue what those signs mean?
Why is she often saying weird things? What do they mean? Are they positive or negative?
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