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Did I lead this guy on and am I in the wrong?

so this guy's friends keep giving me shit for leading him on, but i dont think i did that. here's the story:
i had 0 idea he liked me first of all, i thought we were simply friends and it never even entered my head that he could possibly like me. anyways, i invited him to last year's valentines dance for fun, and my friend invited another guy-friend as her date. fyi, its not uncommon for people to go as friends to the dance.

anyways, his friends think i am in the wrong because i invited him to the valentines dance and therefore i was leading him on

but i had no idea he liked me and i didn't do anything flirty, i treated him exactly the same as my friend and her date. plus my friend's date didn't get the notion that she liked him... so why did my date have to?
Did I lead this guy on and am I in the wrong?
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