Tinder is so annoying?

So I have been off the app for months now, honestly. It's been great for mental stability and happiness. I mean, how couldn't Tinder drive you insane?

I kept getting notifications to unhide my profile and see the new users and last night I caved. Overall, underwhelming. I find I'm less impressed by average girls nowadays. I'm not foaming at the mouth like I used to be when I was younger. So more and more female profiles are becoming 'meh' to me. No joke.

What's more: the damn app baits you into swiping. They say I've got 9 nee likes. Okay cool. So I go swipe a handful of times... and none of the people I swiped on were among my new likes. -_-

Tinder is a shady business I'm telling you. They can't just put your likes at the top of your deck. Who knows how far down they are. Just the ordinary tinder bullshit. >_< 🤬.

ANYWAY, I have newfound appreciation for IRL interactions. Nobody is forcing me to pay $14.95/month to talk to people IRL. And to be frank, women in IRL are of higher quality anyways -- generally speaking. I have talked to some high quality young women on Tinder but they're not the norm, lol, let's face it. Okay that's all for this.
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Tinder is so annoying?
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