Why does he treat me this way?

I've been with my boyfriend for about ten months now. Things were great between us. I adored him and treated him like a king. Little did I realize I was some sort of joke between him and his friends. I spent money on him regularly and helped him out whenever I could. But recently found out that him and his friends call me names behind my back. I finished with him last Monday. I'm hurt and confused, why do that to someone who did nothing but love you and shower you with affection? He hasn't called or anything as of yet.

It's been ten days since the split and still nothing, although I'm a little bit stronger. Started planning nights out with my friends again, who were non-existent in a way when I was with my ex. Hmmmmm maybe I can live without him afteral. God help him when he does ever decie to contact me!


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  • What a douche, he was just using you. I've been in that boat, I was in a relationship where I got emotionally abused, I would shower him with love and affection and I would always be second best to him. I couldn't understand why someone could be so mean but the truth of the matter is some people are plain f*cked up and there's no reason you should keep in contact with him. He apparently views your relationship as disposable because if it mattered then ONE he would have never treated you like crap and TWO he would have never let you go. You are a kick ass person and don't forget that, you deserve to be treated like a queen. I know its hard to not give in when he contacts but you gotta just do it. He will never change no matter how much he says he will or how much he begs. I made that mistake and wasted two years of my life and I regret that. Now that I haven't talked to my ex for the last two months I realized he never really cared about me in the first place since he didn't contact me in that time period, I was just another girl and you know what I say to that...screw that. Your gonna get there and believe me when you do you will look back and laugh at this foolish boy who didn't see how great you were in the first back. Karma will come back around and hit him, don't worry ok? Hope that helps

    • Thank you for that! It's helped a lot I feel a little better. It's this pain that I can't bear. Wakin up crying and thinking about him etc. It also don't help when all my so called friends can say is that he used me for money and sex. He couldn't even be bothered to call and apologise, you are right though it will make me stronger. Gonna have to be strong for when he does eventually call. At the mo he may think I'm just mad and that it ain't over. Stupid him. Thanks again you have brightened up my day

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  • Um...because he's a f***ing juvenile asshole? Just focus on all the negative emotions he makes you feel when you think about him and move on. Find a guy that will love you like you deserve to be loved. The best thing you can do is to prove to not only yourself, but that asshole that even though he hurt you, you can bounce back, find someone better to love and move on from the pain.

    • Thanks for the advice you have cheered me up lol. I'm just worried tht when he does make contact I will give into him. Because I love him. Just feel used and wonder if he ever had any feeling for me in the 1st place.

    • Probably not.