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Does my ex want me back?

Basically, I was with my ex boyfriend for 4 years, we got together at 17 and broke up in Feb this year - his choice. He said he kissed someone else and therefore needed to find out why that happened and he felt so bad about it that he couldn't be with me anymore. He was crying his eyes out when he told me all this and said that he thinks he will regret it but he needs time to think.

Our relationship was very loving! He took me on holiday every year and completely spoilt me all the time. He always put me and my feelings first and always went out of his way to do the special little things even towards the end. We practically lived together for 2 and a half years... I slept at his house for 5 nights a week and he spent the other two nights at mine, without fail! we never spent a night apart! We were planning on moving out together soon and getting a mortgage together and then we broke up. It was a total shock to me and I am completely gutted if I'm honest!since we broke up, we have met up a few times to chat and we stil speak via texts and calls every week. I have recently been asked out by another guy and I said yes, he knows my situations so I'm trying to be fair to him!

basically... I told my ex on Sunday that I have met someone new and last night he text me all evening saying how much he misses me and thinks that I'm a really wonderful personand how a large part of his heart will always belong to me, he started talking about my family and his family and even said he wonders if his dog would recognise me again etc and he even said that maybe one day something will bring us back together... this is very strange for him to say this as he has always tried hard not to lead me on since the break up. he has never been like this since we broke up! he has never told me that he doesn't love me.

I still love my ex so much and he is truly a lovely guy! I can't fault him in the relationship apart from how it ended!

I am so confused... he suggested that we could go out for dinner or the cinema to catch up... what should I do? I don't want to hurt my new guy as he is lovely too... but clearly I still feel the world for my ex! I just can't work out if he wants me back or not. Even when my ex broke up with me, we ended on a hug and a good luck, we didn't argue at all. Everyone who knows us can't believe that we aren't together and I need some advice from people who don't know us as a couple!

there are the facts! help me pleaseeee

Does my ex want me back?
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