Ok so I like this guy at work... why am I so awkward?

This guy I like is a year younger than me, outgoing personality, makes people laugh. I am just really awkward around guys, I guess. So when I saw this dude my first reaction was “damn this guy has nice eyes”. Anyways, we haven’t had much of a convo. Just the usual “hey” “hi” “what’s going on____?” “How’s your day going ___?”. I lowkey get nervous around him because he is so outgoing and confident. Like he won’t be afraid or hesitant to ask me personal questions (which I don’t mind)... minor things. I get a good vibe with this guy but he is very social with everyone, so I’m not sure if the “vibe” I am feeling with him translates the same “vibe” to him. He cracks jokes in front of me and literally holds eye contact with me until I break away. I don't know based off of the small info I have given you, do you think you could give me some pointers? I feel weird for liking him because 1. He is younger than me (which isn’t that big of a deal), 2. I barely know him, 3. He is just a social butterfly.
Ok so I like this guy at work... why am I so awkward?
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