How to not get nervous easily?

Okay, so I'm kinda shaking while writing this because I'm nervous about asking the question and ima cri- anyways, I get nervous waaay too easily. I can't help it. I talk to a guy irl, through text, online and my heart beats a mile a minute. It's usually not noticeable through text, but through voice call or irl it's extremely noticeable and it pushes guys away and honestly I'm trying so hard to not be, but it's so hard. It really really is. I'll voice call, get complimented and not speak for 5 minutes because if I WERE to speak it would be a whole verse of me stuttering and then they ask me if I'm uncomfortable which I'm obviously not yet.. guys absolutely hate me because of this- one guy called me asexual irl (because I couldn't look at him whatsoever and my speech was like stutters per word- ahh) and I just say I am to try and explain things? I don't know what to do tbh. Ah. You guys don't have to answer but I'm a bit desperate and like you don't have to at all! Not at all! I don't usually talk about this so I'm really scared because I'm not going to make this anonymous and okay, just don't judge me please. Uhh, right. You don't have to answer this, but I would totally like it if you did. Like whoever is reading this ofc because if you're not reading this then you obviously can't answer you know? Oh, right. I wanted to know if like this will end within time or something like that. Thank you a lot.. bye! (I'm not really leaving, but like I just finished this question so I'm gonna say bye like since I'm leaving this page. thank you.)
How to not get nervous easily?
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