Why don’t strangers on the street give me compliments?

1. I always smell really good and the perfumes I buy are expensive and people give reviews that they receive lots of compliments - I never do. Sometimes it’s nice when it’s acknowledged that you smell nice when you go the extra mile. Plus these are expensive.

2. I always wear dresses everyday, I have an hourglass body (mannequin measurements 32-23-33) but nobody ever compliments my physique or dressing sense. I have only been told I dress nicely online when I hd FB and Insta and boys used to send me a lot of messages - but they do that to everyone so it meant nothing. I wanted genuine appreciation. I never get that.

3. As long as I was at school I was complimented for having multiple talents like playing the paino, being classically trained in music, being ‘gifted’ in art, being a polygot and having the ability to pick up languages incredibly fast. I was put on a pedestal and my teachers and even those who didn’t teach me adored me. Now that that adoration is gone it is hard to cope with the sudden fluctuation of validation.

4. I went to an all girls majority Asian school with majority Muslim girls in London and they all hated me. For various reasons including the fact that I was adored by the teachers, I was intelligent and beautiful, I had a perfect body, I simply didn’t care and was an eccentric oddball of a girl who wasn’t bothered about studies yet excelled academically with no effort. I also dressed differently. In their eyes I dressed like a tart whereas in Western standards I am quite modest however to them even showing the hair was immodest.

Someone in the street or at work might say “someone smells good” not “you smell good” 🙄 I didn’t waste £150 perfume for people to say “someone smells good”

I remember a few times people have given me genuine compliments and I still remember them because of how it made me feel.

Rather why are people afraid to compliment? Are people jealous of me?
Why don’t strangers on the street give me compliments?
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