Does my exes brother like me back?

So I have a crush on this guy, he's the younger brother (same age as me) of a guy I went on a few dates with for about 2 months (nothing serious and we are on good terms as friends). I don't think this would cause a rift between them at all as the older brother initiated the breakup and we weren't together for long at all.
He watches all my instagram stories religiously, and I post a loooot of them. He also likes all my selfies and pictures of me. He told his older brother to 'send me his way' and thinks I am very attractive. I also get along really well with his family/parents. He takes a day or two to respond to my messages, but reads them fairly quickly. When he does reply, he seems really enthusiastic and compliments me for who I am often. Do you think he is keen, or not?
Does my exes brother like me back?
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