Need a woman's advice on this please?

Hi guys. So the girl in question, she does the following:-
1) Call me babe and sends kiss emojis on whatsapp
2) Hug me followed by a back rub
3) squeeze next to me when I sit on a sofa
4) call me handsome, hot, good looking
5) poke my back randomly
6) on my birthday took some cake on her finger and rubbed it on my lips
7) when we take pics together she's..."quite close" as in things in the torso touch

Best of all? she's my sister in law... now I dont wanna judge, probably me imagining things... Im crappy at understanding female behaviour so please ladies... enlighten me.

If im being weird and she's being normal Ill accept that as an answer too.

Whata weird is she keeps turning this behaviour on and off which bugs me even more. What does it all mean? Please help!
Need a woman's advice on this please?
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