Is she into me?

God, can't believe I'm asking this, but figuring this out never gets easier does it, having other opinions always helps.

Met this girl a few weeks ago and we really, really hit it off. We've hung out in a group quite a few times now, and every time we hang out in this group we talk only to each other like 70-80 % of the time, with constant back and forth banter, teasing each other, the like. My one friend who's there says it's exhausting for him to watch. We have several inside jokes by now, she has a dumb name for me and vice versa. She has complimented me on my singing, my paintings, and most recently my eyes. This was after several instances of us staring into each others eyes for several minutes doing a staring contest type thing (but not, as we didn't preface as such, just started doing it). She has started using some of my phrases and lines etc, could be something or she could just have an adaptive personality. She remembers details I mention about my life and asks me about them.

We touch here and there, in a sort of joking way like touching hands/ fingers, link arms, and she slapped cross the face several times out of nowhere for no reason (As a joke, she wasn't mad). She makes quite a few jokes about us dating or doing that kind of thing, but hard to say if there's truth to it or if that's just how she is. We also text daily, send memes, joke more, etc.

However, she does take upwards of 12 hours to respond at times. She is like this with everyone though, even her closest of friends. There are a few times when I've touched her where she's said "Woah don't touch me..." (possibly in a joking way?) and at one point late in the evening as everything was wrapping up I was saying something and she said I tire her. So yeah, that's the points both good and bad I have noticed.

What do y'all think? I've just been screwed around the last few times I was into/dated someone so I'm even more cautious now about this kinda thing no
Is she into me?
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