My best piece of advice?

I see all these questions where everyone is looking for some convoluted way to ask someone out, to somehow "avoid" actually asking them out, as if that will make it any easier on you. It won't. Guys have asked me out (or tried) and I have sisters, so I've seen every version of this.

Guys, the easiest way, always, always, always, is to just walk up to us and ask. Whether it's someone you've known for years or just met (or haven't even met yet), all we want is, "hey, I'm Nate, can I take you out sometime?" or some simple version of that.

Then everyone's clear. We (grls) can say yes or no. We're gonna say yes or no however you do it, so stop stressing and just ask us directly. You'll have a much better chance if we see you have confidence and just ask. Then we know if you ever have to have confidence and punch some guy for us, you'll do it.

Also, don't ask us in front of our friends, get us alone somewhere, even if it's only a few feet away where the others can't hear. If we're with our friends, someone's gonna laugh and make u feel uncomfortable, and you don't need that.

If a grl says, "sorry, I don't like you like that," then say, "how about if we just have lunch and talk then?"

Now you've got at least one shot to get the grl to know you and like you enough for possibly a real date.

My best piece of advice?
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