Nicknames for crush?

We are good friends but I can’t think of any cute/flirty/teasing nicknames to call her as a sort of running joke at school. Bonus points if it’s playing cards related (we play cards together sometimes)

PS not the usual honey darling baby etc. But something you would actually say.

I can only think of rubbish ones like Red (based off her last name) or Speedy (because she is quick with cards) but both are terrible!

thanks again!!!
1 y
the only other info I can give is the past two years she had a massive crush on me, though I’m not quite as sure now (we’ve only been back at school for a bit) and we are in the same maths class - so really I just want to break the ice and get more comfortable with her since I’m fairly confident she likes me
Nicknames for crush?
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