Is he faking interest or is he actually into me?

This guy seemed so very much into me from the very beginning that I became a bit suspicious. He stared at me, blushed, was super sensitive, funny, made jokes, literally followed me around... the very first time we met. Since then, he's also shown more emotional sides, like being vulnerable and taking an interest in my life, but still, he also is trying to impress me and all that. I was cautious around him because he's very popular and he might have a girlfriend. And somehow he adapted to that.
Now, I started to feel more at ease around him and decided to not make a big deal out of everything. He seemed to really, really like that. He's been laughing a lot and smiling and giggling and he also looks at me in mocking ways when I do something funny. It's totally flirtatious and fun atmosphere.
He looks at me with a smile on his face when I'm talking, and when I look away, he looks at me very seriously.
He also stands really close to me. I've accepted that he probably does find me attractive. And I've decided to simply get to know him without having prejudice. But the fact that he probably has a girlfriend, but definitely some children he mentioned, does make me question his motives.
Is he faking interest or is he actually into me?
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