Does he want me to chase him or something?

I know this is stupid but me and my ex boyfriend broke up and he expresses his self on his fb status and that's really the only way to comminicate with him. He was very active on Facebook. I disappeared from there for awhile and he said he felt hurt because he missed me (as his status). I reached out to him OFF of fb but he ignored me. I said something on my status about his dumb behavior since that's all he pays attention to and that was the last I said anything related to him. Then he kept putting subliminals (and I stopped and ignored them). Now HE has disappeared from Facebook. I feel like he is doing this on purpose is he trying to make me miss him? And if he misses me I don't understand why he ignored me when I reached out?


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  • This guy sounds like he has issues he needs to work through, and you don't need to be caught up in his drama. He's using you to feed his ego - the more you chase him and the more attention you give him the more it makes him feel like he's "special" in some way.

    Just cut him loose and move on. People who are active online but can't seem to connect with people in real life usually have some social or emotional problems that they need to deal with. It's not you, it's him. Cut him loose.


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