What is a good way to find out if an older man has honest feelings for me?

I've been getting the feeling that he really likes me. That's fine and I like him too, but I'm just really, really curious if it's actually more. Because he's been looking at me as if I'm a unicorn, he forgets what he wanted to say and just smiles while staring at my face. I think he's picking up on my interests a lot and tries to integrate them when we talk.
He seems pretty hyped up when we meet, he's been smiling and laughing a lot lately. He laughs as if he's a teenager when he teases me, quite uncontrolled and randomly. When he enters or leaves the room, he smiles a lot at me or to himself. I feel like there are often moments when he just stares at me, smiles in a forlorn, happy way, and is not really there with his mind, he's in a faraway place.

He has been mentioning the age difference, but not in a bad way. Quite often he also takes care that I'm not getting cold, tries to help me out and be supportive. He notices my smallest emotional reactions and accommodates to them and tries not to upset me, which is very nice of him.
I think he really likes me, I'm just wondering if he actually wants to get more "serious" with this. Or if all of his advances mean something along the lines of "I really do like you but can't/don't want to be together with you for real". No matter how I would act in such a situation, I really want to know what's up.
Because this has been going on for quite some time and it's actually only getting more intense.

For now, we are pretty good friends I'd say, and I want to know if I can expect more to show itself in the near future.
What is a good way to find out if an older man has honest feelings for me?
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