Help asap please?

I have liked this boy for quite sometime now. We are both in the same grade. We actually have a lot in common but never talk. We used to have a ton of classes together before online school happens. I always have wanted to make a move but I have always been to scared too since he is popular. I am a senior and this is my last year and I really want to make those teen memories. Christmas season is fastly approaching and I want to go to the tree lighting with him. I need to start talking with him more in order to get to that but I’m scared to add his Snapchat I found it in quick add but to scared to add.. any help on how to actually get this boy? I really really like him and I want something to happen. His popularity I am worried bout since he is a football player as well. And Ik a ton of girls probably are after him so how to I make a move
Help asap please?
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