Whats the deal with this girl?

Hello, so there's this girl at my new job. she's cool with me, she even tried to smoke with me and shiit, cause we live close to each other, so today, we worked with this "Gay" guy we are not 100 % sure if he's gay but he kinda acts, so she asks me "do you think Blank is gay", i tell her i think so cause he was giving signs when i first met him, and i told her he asked me if i work out and shit. She then left a few minutes later she said i will tell him "Do you think my name is cute?', i tell her "No, tf", i dont want to have to deal with a gay co worker again, like i did in my pass jobs, they automatically think i am attracted to them lol, but i never told her i dealt with guys liking me in my past jobs, for the record guys i am not gay and i am not homophobic. so then i am like "No, dont start that", so a few hours passes she's near me at the fryer and shiit watching the food cook, she then ask me "You have a kid, girlfriend?". i tell her "No, but i am currently talking to someone", she then stutters and says, of my friend is looking for someone. The fuck going on lol, can someone explain, i do not show any signs of interest either. I kinda bumped her with my dick though today that was by accident. But anyways does she find me attractive...
Whats the deal with this girl?
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