Is my husband giving up on our marriage?

I've been dating my husband for 5 years and was married to him for almost three years going four. We are in a long distance relationship since we've been married, because he is a sea farer. I don't have any financial support from him since then, but I'm working and living independently. He rarely calls me, and when he calls, he always suspect me that I am with another man, or cursed me without any reason. It was three years and now, we were blessed by God and I'm pregnant and my due is on June14 to a healthy baby boy. Everything went smoothly our relationship was perfectly fine, until one day, he called me telling me that he discovered a record clip of me singing dedicated to someone else's name telling this guy that I loved him so much and he is my soul mate. I admitted that issue to my husband that it was an ex boyfriend over him while he was away two years ago and its in the past already. We were never engaged to any physical contact and our relationship only lasted for one month. I admit to you guys that I was confused at the time that I am alone and my husband was away each year, I've been on many vices like alcohol and cigarette but that was the old me. After all this revelation, my husband never talk to me at all. He only calls to check how's the baby, and drops the phone whenever I wanted to talk about our issue. He changed his status in his FB as separated and deleted all our sweet photos and all of the pictures we have from the past. I desperately missed my husband, that every time he is online, I can monitor all the chit chats he have been with our friends, telling our friends that he will never forgive me for all what I have done. He is not a perfect husband at all. He too committed several mistakes, had sex with other girls and been to a relationship as well twice but since I love my husband, I always forgave those issues we had because I love him so much he is my life. I am different now, and is with Christian life and even encouraging him to join me in Christian but he never reply to all my messages. I'm depressed and I'm pregnant I cry every night to ask for God's forgiveness and heal his pain. My question is , my husband giving up on our marriage, since he is aware that I've changed tremendously. ? He said now that he don't love me at all and I don't want to believe that.. Is it true? Should I move on with my life now without him. ? Please need your friendly advice.
Is my husband giving up on our marriage?
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