How should I approach this new girl at work?

Hello everyone.
Two days ago came to my working place a new trainee, the higher ups told me to show her how things work around the place cause i was the one closer to her age, she is 24 and i am 29. The rest are around 48 (average).
I wouldn't really try to make a move on her, if i was staying there, but since i will quit in less than a month i decided why not.
She is new to town and she is alone, from the few things i know, she wanted to move to a city instead of a small town etc etc. She is always smiling and laughing when we are talking and she doesn't really seem to be closed off. (like crossing her hands, legs when we are talking which is normally a bad sign). I offered to pick her up in the morning with the car (when i have someone to drive me to work, i usually walk there when it isn't raining) cause she lives really close to me and the office is around 2km away, especially now that the weather is going to get rather bad, storms etc etc.
She thanked me but she said we will talk about it when the time comes. When we finished our shift at work, i asked her if she wanted to walk back with me and she seemed happy about it (from the tone of her voice cause we are wearing masks). On our way back she was asking me questions about me, like if i have a driving licence etc etc and she wanted to know things about me. And she seemed to enjoy our time together.
Tomorrow i will see her again, i am thinking giving her my number and tell her to not stress about it, to keep it in case she needs something since she is alone in a new town and her friends and family are a day or so away from her.
Do u think it will be a bad move or should i just wait more and check how the things will play out?
Thanks in advance for ur answers!
1 y
I gave her my number and she gave me hers as well. I told her she can call me if she needs anything or if she wants company etc etc. And i said that it is up to her to text/call me whenever she wants, cause i imagine she will be busy with getting comfy in her new place. Then she said, i can do the same whenever cause she is always free after work.
I will send her a message tomorrow asking her if she wants to go on a walk with me, cause the stores are closed cause of quarantine!
1 y
I sent her a message and she didn't reply, when she saw me she came and she asked me if i sent her the message cause she was deleting them while she was walking. She thought it was me or someone else from the office and she didn't send me a message to ask, cause she didn't want to send the wrong signal. I dont know if the situation is really doomed yet.
How should I approach this new girl at work?
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