Is he sending signals or just beeing friendly?

I'm trying to get my drivers license and where I live we have to learn to drive with a driving instructor. And, lucky me, I got a young teacher and it turns out we have a lot of mutual friends. I meet him twice a week for my driving lessons. First fiew times everything was fine, of course we were friendly and talked a little bit, then after fiew lessons he started to touch my hand while i was driving, and while I was sitting in back seat (while another person was driving) he turned around every 5 minutes and talked to me. And he doesn't do that to other people...
Last fiew lessons were terrible for me emotionally because he literally flirted with me the whole time, I felt like we were on first dates and getting to know each other. Now he seems to find random reasons to touch my hand or to text me randomly.
So am I beeing paranoid or is he flirting with me?
by the way he has a girlfriend and he knows that I have a boyfriend.
Is he sending signals or just beeing friendly?
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