So this is just a question of sorts. So I’m 29 and in school. Oh yeah baby getting that bachelor degree 😂. So I’m currently friends with this women I work with and she literally just got in a relationship.

Usually I stay clear from such interaction for many reasons. Why? Cuz I’ll flirt. I respect relationships and I don’t wanna mess it up. So I’ve been distancing her.

Tragically, she noticed. Tbh I don’t know why she wants to be my friend... she knows I got mad feels for her and she just got into a relationship.

So I told my grandma, cuz she been with my grandpa for too many years. She said, “What’s wrong being friends? She probably wants to get to know you.”

I told her that she was seeing someone and my grandma just laughed. She ended up telling me nothing was wrong with her tryna get to know me. It’s gets bad when you start crossing lines.

I just wanna know if this is just a new thing or has this kind of form been happening for a while. Cuz if I had a girl I wouldn’t want her getting friendly with some guy that likes her...
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