Girls, Coincidental or on purpose?

when ever I go home I train at a gym at home , and there’s two girls that I see often. One of them I kinda like , I just think she’s really pretty so I often check her out. Sometimes I’ll workout where they are to see if I have an opportunity to speak but never did also I’m shy.

I am quite big and one time I was wearing shorts and everyone kept looking because I have done squats for years and they are big
but one time I checked her out and she caught me , I noticed they started paying more attention like sneaking looks. So once I asked if she was using something in the gym and they was really nice.
Then another time she kept asking me to help her carry’s weights off her he rack and putting them back on. And kept saying thank you. Which she has never done. Isit likely she’s trying to break the ice or is it coincidence
Girls, Coincidental or on purpose?
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