Ladies, do you understand what a pick up artist really teaches men?

So females are attracted to men through a process called "mate copying". It's where if another women shows interest in a man, other females will see the man as a prize. Women dont understand that they choose men by his reputation/how others perceive him and not his merit. A pickup artist teaches behavioral actions that give off the vibe that the man is more popular with women than he really is to increase the what is flawed primitive female attraction. Examples include:
a) teaching men to play hard to get which signals to a women subconsciously the man has more power to choose.
B ) qualifying women which means he asks difficult questions to the girl and makes the girl prove why she should be his girlfriend which signals he can be selective because he has the power to choose.
C) negging which is a technique where you give both and insult and a compliment. The compliment is to let the girl know you still are keen, the insult is to let the girl know "she has to prove herself to the guy". Its aim is to create hope but not hand at the same time a relationship to the women on a gold plate.

The process of the man appearing like he can choose creates attraction since women whether they understand it or not enjoy being choosen by the man.
Ladies, do you understand what a pick up artist really teaches men?
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