Will he ever call me?

I was talking to this guy and he always talks to me first. We mainly just each talk about ourselves. He asks me where I’m from and stuff. And we ask each other questions about each other. We both laugh at almost every other thing the other person says. I think there is some flirting but I don’t know. I kind of like him.

We work together and his mom works with us too. I’ve been at the job a little over a month and he’s been there a couple of years. We were talking about his mom and he asked if I knew who she was at the job and I told him I saw them together on the first day and said it was so cute how they work together. He laughed and said something else but I forgot exactly what it was. At the end of the convo he asked me if I worked Monday and then said he’ll see me then. Wednesday I think he got me confused with our manager lol but he wasn’t looking directly at me when he did and I could be wrong.

He always talks to me first and a week earlier I was going to the back of the store and his hand brushed my shoulder because he reached past me ( which was random because there was nothing there ) and he was like “sorry” and then I said there was a lot going on and he laughed again and was like “yeah there’s stuff everywhere”

Once I was talking to a coworker and he stared at me the whole time. I wanna know if he’s attracted to me enough for me to ask him out or vice versa. I’m leaving the job next week. I want him and my aunt and mother said he likes me , I should give him my #. Should I?
Will he ever call me?
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