My college prof has been hitting on me. Am I just one of many?

I'm a 26 year old female and good looking. I don't say that to sound cocky, but I've been told that many times. I don't try to flaunt it, I've always been on the more tomboyish side and I don't behave in typically "womanly provocative" ways. Because I notice older men liking me quite often, I try to be more like a child when I'm in university, I don't want any professors to get the wrong idea (there was one who was crazily into me and it was excessively exhausting, that's why I try to avoid that now).

It seems though that now there are sympathies between a 25 years older professor and me. I noticed right away, didn't think much of it though. He seems to have liked me instantly and a lot at that, I was merely curious about his personality and work. Now, I think he's ok to get along with and I like that he's easy-going, but I'm far from idealizing him.
I noticed stuff at the beginning of the semester: him getting very emotional or quiet around me, staring at me, blushing, doing everything to impress me, in the evening pointing at the sky and talking about the stars, calling me good-looking, being super tender with me and honestly really cute. He's also been finding reasons to touch me or move his body very close to mine. At first I wasn't sure if that's maybe normal for him since he's so chill, but when someone else came in, he moved away from me, so clearly he didn't want the other person to see.

It was interesting, until he stated that he's married. He also clearly seemed off and nervous when he said that. Now I'm wondering if he's been doing all this to other students as well.

I have no desire to cause him a problem, nor do I have the nerves right now to cause a scene for my own sake. I need to concentrate and get my shit together.

But for the sake of my own curiosity - and perhaps a tad of disappointment - how probable is it that he's been doing this several times already? Wouldn't he be really dumb to do that?
My college prof has been hitting on me. Am I just one of many?
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