Would he want my number?

I met this guy and he would always talk to me first. I was a newbie to our job and he was the first one to go off aside with me and ask me about myself.

I started to get a tiny crush on him and we had another deep conversation after that. Our manager put us together and we talked for like an hour. We laughed at stuff and we found out about each other’s colleges and what were studying and talked about how many siblings we have and stuff like that. I told him I was 19 and he said he’s 20 I asked him was he excited for Christmas and he opened up and told me it didn’t feel the same as when he was a kid.

Eventually he told me he was gonna go and asked if I worked Monday and told me he’d see me Monday. I went home on cloud 9

A few weeks later and I’m leaving the job in 2 days. The other day we were put together again. I randomly said my back hurt and he was like “probably cause you’re so young”. He looked dead serious when he said it lol but I assumed it was joke. We got reallyyy close to each other because we were putting tags on stuff. He told me he had a stutter also. He asked when officially my last day was ( which he asks a lot ) and o told him Tuesday. He also asked if I was going to be at the job tomorrow. I asked him why and he said he didn’t know if he’d come because he’s tired. I then was like “aww” and he was like “yeah it’s New Years”

if he came that would be a good way to tell interest because he knew I would be there. And he did come the next day and I asked him if I missed anything the day before. We didn’t rlly talk though. He can’t look me in the eye sometimes. Maybe he’s shy? I’m leaving in 2 days.
Would he want my number?
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