Is my teacher into me?

I'm a bit unsettled.
It started out as flirty, teasing chats when we got to know each other. He kept on looking at me, blushing when I looked at him, meeting me at the entrance when I was supposed to come inside, staring into my soul, laughing, chuckling. He also touched my things without asking, looked at me when I wasn't looking, was a bit weird, nervous and trying to be impressive I guess.

I wasn't sure if it was serious, so I overlooked it. So recently, he's also been starting to touch me (in appropriate ways still), stand extremely close to me, and seems upset or discontent when I talk to another boy. He's either giving me a disapproving look or he does something to revert my attention back to him, away from the guy. I tried to keep my distance and he noticed, he suddenly became much nicer to me and easier to talk to. A few times he commented on my looks, saying I look nice, good, and he stared at certain body parts a few times.

We were having a tiny get together with others at the end of the semester and it was cozy. The way he talked to me was... his voice was low and I literally felt in my body how he wanted to do something entirely different than just talk to me about my hobbies. He never had that tone during the day.

I'm not sure how to look at this, it's upsetting me because of the power dynamic. If I get used to his attention and he suddenly prefers someone else, it's uncomfortable for me. And I can't even know how genuine he is, if he is after my body merely or if he actually likes me. I take people seriously and if he just fancies me just like that, I'm... unimpressed.
I feel like I always have to perform very well in front of him, or he will start to wane in his attention as a teacher because he likes to be impressed.
Is my teacher into me?
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