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I have a crush on a guy who I just found out broke up with his girlfriend...


I have a weird question- I have a crush on a guy who's in one of my college classes and I have for a few weeks. From the beginning he's been giving me signs that he likes me- he would try to make physical contact with me, he would smile, he would look away when I looked at him and it always seemed like when class ended he would kind of stall at the door (it looked like he was waiting for me because he’d look at me). More recently, things have gotten more intense.

Now he’s initiated touch with me twice, he seems to try to act more dominant and powerful (he seems to be coming off more intelligent and just masculine- I don’t know if that makes sense, lolll), he’s been asking me more and more about myself and things of that nature. Now he sits right next to me and just the other day our knees were rubbing against each other (I don’t know if it was accidental, lol but it happened for a while and neither of us moved- I think I was the first to), he talks about his dreams for the future (family etc.,)he always seems to look at my body, constantly and when I’m not looking his eyes are always on me and his body language is always mirroring mine and he seems to try to get close to me. ANYWAYS- just a few days ago he announced that he broke up with his girlfriend of a couple months because she’s crazy (lolll)

We had a study group later and he was asking me more about myself (even though I sat farther from him), he would look at me, show sympathy and caring frequently and we have EVERYTHING in common. So much that it freaked me out a little bit. And finally, he kept saying “What should I do tomorrow” but he said it so many times that it almost felt like he was asking me to do something with him and I didn’t realize that was it until much later. So here’s are my questions:

-Does it sound like he likes me?

-Should I ask him out (even though he just broke up with his girlfriend)?


-Should I wait for him to ask me (so that way I can be sure he’s ready)


-Should I just leave it alone because he might get back with her?

Thanks so much in advance!

I have a crush on a guy who I just found out broke up with his girlfriend...
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