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Is it a sign of love or not?

In my freshman year, there was a boy in my class who i had eyes on the first day. Not the point, my point is i would sit near the door and he would sit on the opposite side of the room closer to the teachers projector. And i would feel his eyes on me and whenever i would casually look over, he would turn away in a flash. A few weeks after catching his eyes on me, we were all assigned to groups. And he paired up with 2 boys and one of them called my name and i ignored that boy. Then the boy said "(my crush's name) likes you". My cheeks turned so red and my teacher said " everybody likes (my name). I like (my name). I looked over tp see the boy and i could see his cheeks were red. And his two friends were laughing. I felt so embarrassed. A month goes by. And this time im sitting at lunch and my crush sits in the hall closer to my table next to the lunch line. I would catch him staring at me with his friends. Every single day he would sit there and i would usually sit in a certain direction because i was ultimately shy. I don't know if this is a sign or not. I have more to say since this happened a year ago before covid. If you want more tp the story, let me know.
Is it a sign of love or not?
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