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Why is he being hot and cold?

I initiated by being upfront (with my words) that I am attracted to him. So we've been flirting for a bit. He has done a lot of flirting, but nothing physical. For some reason he stopped and it's bothering me. I wanted to see where this could've gone. Heck, he even looked me up and down. But when I tried asking him out for lunch and he said he was going to be out of town. But he didn't seem to want to reschedule/initiate anything else.

Some of my friends are telling to wait it out. Some are telling me to be upfront and ask him what's up. It really bothers me that I can't get a clear response.

Was he just flirting for fun? I actually did not expect these hot and cold signals from guys. (sorry I know, but really I didn't)
Why is he being hot and cold?
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