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Why is it the norm for a guy to have to approach the girl?

Disclaimer: I write a lot , sorry.
I'm socially anxious, I find it hard to make friends in general because I don't like approaching people.

In 2021 men in general have a lot to stress about in a relationship in the fact that if their significant other is uncomfortable in anyway, that will bite their ass later , and could bleed outside of the relationship into day to day shit.
Same could be said for just approaching a girl if the girl takes it the wrong way.

To be honest in 2021 the best gender to be approaching the other are girls.
No risk really on either side at that point. If the girl gets uncomfortable , easy to back out at that point.
I don't really like any gender norms, because people should just do whatever but this gender norm that even people against gender norms tend to support is the most illogical bullshit I've seen / heard about in that kinda subject.

So basically what I'm getting at is, why is this gender norm so accepted? It doesn't make sense to me and it seems really outdated.
Why is it the norm for a guy to have to approach the girl?
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