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Do They Find Me Attractive Or Are They Drunk?

I work as a bar staff for a nightclub. Lately I have been working in the room where people keep their coats and bags. I get a lot of compliments. People stopping to say I'm beautiful, cute, or they fancy me. Guys and girls. I get tips. I had a boyfriend told off by his girlfriend for looking at my ass, I've had multiple different guys ask for my snapchat. I had two guys last night invite me for a threesome then one started declaring his love for me. Ngl it's a confidence boost but I don't know. I don't think I am attractive. When I go on nights out, I don't get hit on this much and that's when I'm not in work uniform (shirt and pencil skirt) and I'm a lot more glammed up.

I take them as they are, compliments from people passing by but I do wonder if I am actually slightly attractive or if it's just because they're drunk and given them being sober, they wouldn't look twice at me.
Do They Find Me Attractive Or Are They Drunk?
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