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Does my friend like me as more than friends?

So I have this nice guy who I have known since my 1st year at uni and we are friends. He would make time on his day off (like coming to uni at 8 am) to just help me study and our study sessions would mostly just us two in which he kept buying me stuff to eat. This went on up until covid 19 then our communications got limited and online. Now that the uni has started again he is acting kinda vague like one minute he is super friendly and the next ignoring me. I am gonna list some of the behaviours so it will be better explained.
1. A week before uni started he messaged me about how I should make time to teach him English and if we have group assignments we should be together, then 1st week of uni came and he would ignore me unless I go talk him.
2. During the ignoring period my friend said she thinks he likes me from the way looks at me.
3. When I went to return his books to him he insisted I join him and his friends and immidiately got my fave beverage tea and said I should stay longer.
4. His friend has started acting differently as well like when me and my guy friend were sitting together his friend kept trying to whisper something to him making sure I won't hear. Also they seem to try to leave us to walk together alone.
5. He still insists to pay for everything no matter how much I object.
6. And lastly, we are from 2 different countries and I still have trouble speaking their language (my uni is in his country so I have to speak their language) but no matter how hard it gets he is always encouraging me to talk more and whenever I say things like I can't express myself well or I dont want to bother him he tells me dont be ridiculous and I can contact him whenever I want.
P. S. I have rarely seen him around girls the closest girl to him is his friends girlfriend and he would usually talk to girl pals whenever he wants to talk to me.
Please tell me your thoughts on this his sometimes warm sometimes cold attitude is making me confused.
Does my friend like me as more than friends?
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