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How to stop being the "Nice guy" and know how to approach and talk women?

Well pretty much like what the title says. I know that I tend to be more of a people pleaser, which is not the greatest thing in the world. This is due to me coming off as weak, and not as the person a woman should choose. I have been watching this particular channel on Youtube, about approaching women (Pickup Artist type channel). In it they tend to make approaching random women seem so easy, and they just say anything. I am baffled as to how this works, because a lot of times I am thinking that you have to say something special, or have some "game", to be able to get a woman's attention. My biggest fear is that I would say something and I will completely mess things up, and offend her or say something stupid. I also have no idea on how to flirt or even take things in the direction of a long term relationship (I tend to have boring/basic conversations). Lastly, is knowing when to make things physical so pretty much breaking the touch barrier (with this I am afraid I might get slapped or worse). The reason I say that when watching some of these videos, the guys tend to break the touch barrier real quick. This has me thinking what the heck is going on and she isn't moving or saying anything about it. For me I always was too scared to do that, because of what I stated earlier. Need some help, because I need to figure something out (I just don't want to be alone for the rest of my life).
How to stop being the "Nice guy" and know how to approach and talk women?
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