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Should I contact her? What should I do about this girl?

I met this girl about 3 months ago. Friend of a friend. We were instantly attracted to each other and started flirting. She had just broken up with her boyfriend the night before. She even told our mutual friend she hoped I would ask her out... we talked about going out for a drink before I left that night.

So I ended up going home with her ex's sweater (I had a vest on. I was freezing and she gave it to me.) I texted her casually just to know what she was up to and to let her know I had the sweater. She never replied and I left it at that. I soon found out she got back with her boyfriend the day I texted her.

About 3 weeks ago (2 months after we met) she called me. She told me she was with my friend and his girlfriend and they were going out for a drink, and she wanted to see if I would go. So 2 hours later I met up with them, and she was flirting just like last time, telling me I should sit next to her, having our legs touch under the table, telling me I needed to teach her how to play tennis, etc. And then I find out she is still with that same guy and he's pretty much a loser... drunk all the time, failing all his college classes, fighting with her all the time, blah blah.

My guy friend ended up fighting with his girl, so I ended up leaving early with him, but she didn't want me to leave. Still, I wasn't going to leave my friend for her. We said we DEFINITELY needed to go play tennis and that we had to set that up soon. She doesn't live in my city, only goes to school here, and she was leaving the next day to see her boyfriend perform somewhere.

So here I am, interested in a girl who is in a relationship. Not a great one by the way, since both of the times I've seen her they were fighting, but still, in a relationship. She is clearly interested in me, but I just don't know how to follow through with this. Should I contact her or wait it out until she's back in my city? Should I just act like it doesn't matter and not contact her? What should I do?
Should I contact her? What should I do about this girl?
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