Was he interested in me if he did this?

I met a nice guy in my student union whike me and a friend were in there eating. It was night time and I guess his phone died so he went to go put it in a charging station and came and sat down with us and talked while he was waiting. He was very friendly and introduced himself. My friend is outspoken and I’m very shy. He said his name and somehow we all started talking about our types ans he said his roommate would bring home ugly girls and my friend was I think lowkey trying to set me up with him. She told the guy that I was super shy and she was outgoing and the guy was like “I like shy girls because you never know what they’re thinking” I thought that was weird of him to say and then my friend was like “so what are you thinking amber?” And he started laughing. Also he said something else about how shy girls are so cute and that’s more of his type. My friend said something else and I kind of freaked out because I didn’t like what she was doing and he was like “oh I’m not trying to-“ and he didn’t finish. Eventually he said he would hope to see using around and had to go get his phone and had fun talking to us. Afterwards my friend swore up and down he was flirting with me. This was weird, I don’t know if he was but why mention his type in front of us?
Was he interested in me if he did this?
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