Why is the girl I like acting super weird around me?

Me and my crush dated two years ago for a short while. I broke up with her because she was chatting to male friends a lot, which looking back was insecure and naive.

She stared at me non-stop for two years and made deep eye contact with me even after I had dumped her. I started talking to her again recently and she was really responsive.

We snapped and talked all the time but after a week or so, she began to withdraw for a week or so. That was until we started snapping again but she would only send flirty face snaps and we would occasionally have conversations. The conversations didn’t seem to be that deep though.

Recently, however, she’s been replying more to me in the evenings after school but she seems to be sending mundane snaps.

I’ve also noticed she has stopped the deep-gaze eye contact and now tries not to look at me, instead choosing to sneak glances at me when I’m not looking.

I tried consulting multiple people about this but haven’t had much consensus. One said she was trying not to look desperate and the other said she may have developed feelings so has become more nervous around me.

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some good insights into why she is acting this way.
Why is the girl I like acting super weird around me?
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