Is this guy at all interested?

*Note: This is super long-winded, but blame the site for allowing such long posts... or you could probably skip to the end and get the gist of things.

I've gone to school with him for three years, but until a few months ago I didn't really know he was alive. (Which sounds kinda bad if you know that I have under 50 kids in my class). We started IMing when I briefly (very, very briefly) went out with his neighbor, and he basically IMed me to tell me that I was dating an idiot (which I was). So then I broke up with the guy and me and this kid kept talking, and then I started liking him (these event were spread out, it's been like six months since I first talked to him). Then my wing man broke down and told the guy that I liked him, and he said 'Well I like her as a friend,' while he told me more competent wing man that he liked another girl (who's kind of the opposite of me) and then he told another wingman (I swear, I don't have like an army of wingmen, me and this guy just had a lot of mutual friends) that he'd maybe date me if I 'wasn't so annoying.'

So fast-forward, and I ended up accidentally (completely on purpose) mentioning that I knew that he had said that I was annoying, and he apologized sincerely (at least from my point of view). Then, since he liked another girl and I really wasn’t getting anywhere, I stopped talking to him (this was all over the computer, by the way, I’ve never had a conversation with him in real life. In my defense, I’m a teenager). So school ended and he added me back on Facebook (honestly… don’t judge me, I deleted him to stop myself from IMing him, so you can just suck my logic) and so I started talking to him again… and I started liking him again, and we’ve been talking all summer and just recently he asked for my number, though he’s never started a conversation besides the ones where I was dating the douche, and (I’m getting closer to the point now) and when we’re talking we joke around and it seems like we’re flirting but if he’s never going to be interested I’m going to take my business elsewhere (a show of hands, who thinks that I’m a prostitute right now?), even if he is really funny and he have a lot in common.

So yeah. Open to advice and your opinions on whether or not you think that anything will come from this. Sorry about the overly-detailed rambling-ness, but I honestly can’t help myself and feel like I must explain things thoroughly…

Is this guy at all interested?
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