Have any girls on here gone to a bar alone?

I have been on my own for a long time now. It has been bothering me for a while but it has only become a problem recently. I don't have particularly great coping skill and feeling of loneliness and worthlessness have become overwhelming. I really need to make some changes/progress. I am a college student and I hang out at this coffee shop frequently but haven't been able to make friends. I go to the gym at school about three times a week but have never even spoken to anyone there.

I am 21 but I don't really drink much. I have been considering going to a bar to meet people but I'm not sold on the idea. As stated I was wondering if any girls have done this? I worry about it possibly being dangerous going alone. I also don't really know how people interact at bars (if they go with friends and stick with those friends, if they go with dates, do strangers even interact with each other). Any thoughts on the idea are appreciated.
Have any girls on here gone to a bar alone?
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