His friend tells me he's a good guy and he likes me, then he tells me himself but he was drunk, how do I know?

I met this guy 3 weeks ago at a nightclub and we were really hitting it of. He asked my #, and we texted everyday. I went to his place a couple of days later, with no expectations. There I was, confident, talking about how I don't believe in relationships and stuff (which isn't true, but I just wanted to have a good time - AND I'm bad at dating, I'm not good with emotions and stuff. Just want to protect myself)

But it was really great. (the night and the sex lol) Turns out he is a really good guy, fun, but a bit shy. I was wishing he would text me back. Which he did, the morning after. We kept texting almost everyday for 10 days, until our schedules could match. I could tell he liked me, always asking about my day, my plans for the night, for the week-end, telling me he hopes to see me again. I, on the other hand, wasn't saying much, I just kept texting him, using a lot of smileys and stuff, asking about his day, sex stuff, blah blah.

We met again at the bar, with his friends and my friends. His best friend comes to me (first time I met him by the way) and he goes '' He really likes you you know, he talks about you alot. He is a really good guy, and he likes you.. so what's your problem, you always talk about sex ! I think you're a jerk right now but I'm sure you are a nice girl, and he likes you alot, so please just be honest''

I was so suprised ! I told him I liked him too, really, and then I told the guy in question ! He looked so happy, and said ''You know, I'm really crazy about you... I really like you, I realllly do''. (We were a bit drunk at that point) Later, he told me ''wow.. I know these are strong words, but I love you... gosh... I love you.'' I just said I liked him too, and wanted him to believe me – He kept saying he didn't believe I liked him !

The morning after we woke up, he told me again he loved me (but we were still a bit drunk – or reallllly hangover) held hands, cuddle, and he texted me all day, making sure I got home safe, making sure I was okay, he was acting really cute. I was shy and didn't speak at all about the past night. That was Saturday.

but then on Sunday, he didn't text me at all ! so I texted him on the Monday (yesterday), he seemed a bit distant. So I said ''hey wanna do something this week ? Maybe you could come to my place ?' and he instantly replied '' Ya, sounds like a good idea'' - I asked what day was best, and he said '' Maybe Thursday or Friday ?'' so I said OK good I'll check my stuff. END. No news today, I didn't text and he didn't either..what is goind onnnn ?

Now I am freaking out ? Is he playing hard to get now ? (and obviously it works cause I invited him over) Or does he feel bad because of all what he told me ? (I didn't ask about it, I just asked if he remembered anything - he said not much) I know he can't LOVE me, we just met, but is it possible he really does feel somthing for me ? If so, why is he acting weird now ? I reaaallly like him and hope I didn't screw everything up...:S
His friend tells me he's a good guy and he likes me, then he tells me himself but he was drunk, how do I know?
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